Sunday, March 09, 2008

Takin The Polar Plunge - Brave or Stupid?

Last night we lost and hour of time. I'm trying not to worry about it. We gained a whole day on February 29th. But as I get older, I'm acutely aware of the passage of time. In order to not let life pass me by, I have committed, as a 2008 resolution, to have at least one "adventure" a month. In January, I went to Phoenix to run a half-marathon. In February, I went to Cancun...a liberating vacation all by myself! So far, so good!

I still hadn't figured out my March adventure when I got something in my inbox about the Nederland Frozen Dead Guy Days. Coffin races, hearse parades, masquerade balls, and a polar plunge, all celebrating the end of winter (yay!) and the "frozen dead guy" (Grandpa Bredo) that was found "on ice" that the town is famous for. Now this kind of thing is right up my alley...dress up festival, end of winter, humor...I love a good "theme" party. I it is! My March Adventure!

My "Just Do It!" friend, Brett, (always up for an adventure) was all with me on this. We quickly agreed that we HAD to do the polar plunge.... no good just being a spectator at these things, we had to participate! That's what the "adventure-of-the-month" is all about! We sent out emails encouraging friends to join us and started thinking about costumes. Then I walked outside and realized it was still cold.

Let me tell you something about me and cold. We do not get along. Notice my other two winter adventures involved going to warm places to get away from the cold. I suddenly realized I hadn't thought this "adventure" all the way through. Seeing as we didn't have time to collect pledges for charity or pick an appropriate costume, I convinced Brett that this should be the year we just scope out the Festival and plan to do it "right" in 2009.

As we watched all the Frozen Dead Guys activities, I admit to feeling a little disappointed in myself for not being more of a participant, but Nederland is a LOT colder than Boulder (and comparing it to Cancun...well...that's not even fair.) As the volunteer fire department were chainsawing through the solid icey pond to make a spot for the plungers, all I could think was...I am SO glad I'm not jumping in there. I was frozen just watching! Literally! My fingers and toes were numb. I was amazed that they actually let people jump into that pond that was solid ice, on a day that I was freezing even though I was bundled up in a winter coat! I figured this had to be life-threatening or at least really, really, bad for your body! It reminded me of those weird rituals where people walk across burning hot coals. Is it brave or stupid?

Amazingly, the people that took the plunge jumped in, got out, took bows, with barely a shiver! I stood in awe (well, actually, I was huddled up shivering) but I still was awe-struck at their bravery or stupidity...I still couldn't figure out which it was!

As for my March adventure? I don't think I can count just watching Frozen Dead Guys activities as an "adventure", but at least I didn't become a Frozen Dead Guy myself. I'm still thinking maybe a showshoe or ski-trip...complete with the apres-ski hot tub and wine. Yes, that sounds much more like my kind of adventure.

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