Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Adventures, Writing, and Love

I'm trying to get back on track with my 2008 resolutions and goals again. In many ways they've been going well, but the two that are giving me trouble are the same two that always give me trouble: "Write a Book" and "Fall in Love". The resolution that has been most successful has been my "Adventure a Month" commitment.

I thought I could kill 3 birds with one stone by writing a book about my adventures and falling in love. The monthly adventures themselves I thought might provide opportunities for love. I also have been on and committed to at least a "date-of-the-month" which might lead to love. Again, this would provide fodder for my "book". A nice mix of adventure and romance would surely make it to the Oprah Book Club List.

I was hoping by mid-year I'd have had 6 adventures, be in love, and have documented it all along the way. Well, here it is mid-year. I've had 6 adventures (and hope to have 6 more before the year is over). I have done fairly well with "getting out there" and dating. That part of my year has had its ups and downs. And writing about it? Well... I worry about privacy...both mine and that of my dates. If I were to really write a book about it, I'd be tempted to exaggerate...stories are always better if you "enhance" them a bit. But I would never want to hurt anyone by publicly writing about my (typically very unreasonable) reasons for not wanting to progress a relationship.

Of course, there were times when the tables were turned, and the guy I was interested in was not interested in me. I could limit my book to just those stories... But the truth is, it has been a mix. I've been on both sides of the rejection equation. And though neither side is comfortable, it has been a good balance and given me experience.

In any case, I suppose I could write about my adventures and throw in some of the dating stories and change the names. With self-publishing as an option, I'm not really that worried about the book being any good. The chances of my "dates" reading it are slim to none. Maybe it's time to start back with "The Laptop Dancer Diaries".

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