Saturday, March 20, 2010

10 Best Love Blogs for Women

It's time for me to start getting serious about promoting The Laptop Dancer Diaries. Self-promotion feels a little weird, but I know it must be done.

I was telling my friend, Rebecca Mullen of Altared Spaces, that in order to get visibility into your blog, one strategy is to find others that are blogging about similar things.

There are several blog catalogs and different methods for doing this, but one easy way is simply to google. In my case, I googled "Love Blogs" and quickly found an article at All Women' Stalk called: 10 Best Love Blogs for Women!

What a treasure chest of great blogs and love stuff! Well, the problem, of course, is then you find so much great information that you spend all day reading and get distracted and never end up blogging yourself.

So, I'm just going to take one resource at a time and try to blog as much as possible about "All things LOVE" and today the resource I'll point you to is All Women' Stalk.

First, the title... The play on words is Totally Cool!! I much prefer "All Women's Talk" to "All Women Stalk" as the FaceBook Fan Page has it listed -- but Talk/Stalk... OK we do both. I hate to think of myself as a "stalker," but... I suppose there are times when I've been infatuated enough to fall into that mode. One of my friends once had this great quote about stalking. It was something like: "The difference between a secret admirer and a stalker depends on whether or not the object of their affection wants their attention." I'm going to assume any person that I'm interested in would like that I'm interested in them, and thus absolve myself from any "stalker guilt."

In any case, I perused the site and it looks like a good women's eZine. The main menu shows categories for Fashion, Beauty, Celebrities, Love, Dieting, Wellness, and Lifestyle. I, of course, honed right in on the "Love" category, 'cause, again, I'm preparing to be the Love Know-it-All. Under Love, there is Dating Tips, Breakup Tips, Sex Tips, Relationships, and Wedding.

All of that is interesting to me, so... where to begin? Well the first article that is up today in the Love Category is: Top 12 Seduction Tricks That Always Work on Guys. Hmmm! I think I could definitely benefit from reading that. In the sequel to The Laptop Dancer Diaries, I could try and use a new seduction trick on each man-of-the-month! Actually, since the sequel is going to be mostly untrue, this is sounding like a very achievable goal! (But, of course, I just MAY need to do a little research along the way...)

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