Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get a Love Quote a Day from Symphony of Love

How would you like to get a love quote in your inbox every day? It's easy! You can sign up at "Symphony of Love." I kind of think of these as love notes from Laptop Guy. True, it's not the same as getting them from a human, but reading quotes about love is inspiring, regardless of who sends it. The site even gives the html code so you can add the quote of the day to your blog as I just did!

There's a sweet story about the origins of this Website. Apparently, the sites author once collected 272 love quotes (one for each day until the end of the year), wrote the quotes on small papers (around 2cm x 2cm) and folded each paper into origami rabbits. He put the rabbits in a crystal apple and gave them to the object of his affections telling her she could take out a rabbit any day she was unhappy to read a love quote. How romantic and beautiful! And what's kind of funny is that he said he was talking to her recently and found out she hadn't realized there were love quotes inside the rabbits!

I perused this site some more and found all kinds of love-stuff like this "What is Love?" movie. Another find was an eBook with 365 love quotes, each accompanied by an image of a different flower, available for free. The only request is that if we download it, we "pay it forward" by doing a good deed for three people.

I was trying to find the author's name, but don't see it listed anywhere. My guess is he's from Japan (based on the origami rabbits.) Since I spent a year in Japan I have a special place in my heart for the country and the kindness of the people there.

Whereever Symphony of Love's author is from, he is determined to spread the love throughout the world! And ya gotta love that!


BK said...

Yvette, thank you for this great act of kindness. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate what you have done. You have guessed right in your email that I am from Singapore. Although I am not surprise that you have guessed Japan since origami is famous and popular in Japan.

As for my name, it is put down in the ebook. :)

rebecca @ altared spaces said...

Folding up love. Nice idea. Can't always be done...but I like the thought of unwrapping it one thought at a time.