Sunday, September 07, 2014

Those with ALS can still LOVE... please share with pride

Short Message: Please Watch and Share!  Can I get to 100 shares? [Subliminal Message: I'm not asking for money]

Long Message:

The Ice Bucket Challenge videos have been criticized by the media about missing the point, sometimes not even mentioning ALS.  This one is real.  

I want the world to know that people with ALS need our love and help.
Even when they can't say the words, 'I Love You,' they do love and they need to hear those words from you!

"Don't be embarrassed or shy to ask. Be proud! This is for a great cause!"

That was part of the pep-talk I gave at a kick-off meeting for the Walk to Defeat ALS.  I reminded people that those suffering from ALS have to depend on help for every task they do. Certainly the least we can do is send an email or share a link.

I've already raised $8700 for ALS, which is the most money I've ever raised and I feel proud and indescribably grateful for the generosity and support from my friends and family... More than I can properly say.  Every dollar, every word of encouragement, every "like," is a hug that warms my heart and often brings tears to my eyes. I've had so much emotion during this journey.  If I could scoop up the collective souls of all who have supported me in an embrace, I would be weeping uncontrollably... partly out of grief and sadness for those who are affected by ALS -- but mostly out of gratitude, joy, and hope at the mass attention and help that the ALS community is finally getting.

I had a goal to raise $12K by September 13 and I don't want to give up. I always take my goals seriously (ok, I'm a nut job), but this time... I just can't explain why it's so important, but those who have loved someone with ALS will understand.

Is it easy to ask for help? No! We don't want to put our friends and family on the spot or make them feel guilty. We're afraid they won't "like" our message (pressing the 'thumbs down' in their minds) or might even "unfriend" us! But are we really so insecure about our friendships that we're afraid to spread the word about a good cause? Would you really even want a friend who would fault you for being compassionate?

I finally figured out why the Ice Bucket Challenges were so popular, even though initially it made no sense to me why people would want to share a video about NOT donating.  They were more popular because they didn't make people feel like they were asking for money! It's probably why so many of them did NOT ask for money or even include a link.  This has been criticized by the media... calling the videos silly and narcissistic.  But maybe the not asking for money part was the key to why it went so viral? It allowed people to share without feeling self-conscious and the videos sparked enough interest for people to find out more and recognize how truly awful this disease is and to give.

So one last ask from me... Please just share this blog post. [Subliminal Message: I'm not asking for money, I am not asking for money, I am not asking for money.]  If I don't raise the $12K the world won't come to an end.  In fact, I really just committed to "being the top fund-raiser for the Denver Walk" and so far, I am! So technically, (unless no one surpasses me in the next 5 days) I'll have met my "goal."

But, I want this last chance to let the world to know about Craig and others with ALS.  I want everyone to remember how precious life is, to never give up, and mostly...  Love like you were dying....

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