Wednesday, August 15, 2007

50 Years - A Poem for my parents

A lavendar-clad beauty catches his glance
He meets her, they talk, she flirts, they dance

Youth, thrills, excitement and dreams
Commitment and love, all easy it seems

Years pass quickly for this husband and wife
Four children, three moves, so busy with life

Blessings are plenty, this family is rich
Children grow up, each finding his niche

Mid-life strikes fast and nothing's the same
Love's not so easy. Who blew out the flame?

Love isn't all good. It isn't all fun.
Grief strikes intensely, the loss of a son.

In good times or bad, their marriage vows read
Life's surprises unknown at the time they were wed

Pride, accomplishments, disappointments, or pain
Through each curvy bend, they always remain

Love's not about beauty. It's not about lust
It's about a lifetime of memories, a lifetime of trust

Real love must endure all kinds of tears
Real love is my parents the past fifty years

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