Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful daughter, a dream come true
A love so strong that only grew
Each tiny movement, each precious coo
My perfect baby, I so love you

A little girl, so quiet and smart
You know the way to melt my heart
Talent in all, both science and art
From others you are set apart

A stubborn teen, a will so strong
A mind of your own, the child gone
We need to teach you right from wrong
Just wishing we we would get along

Words of anger, words of fear
Not the words I longed to hear
Wishing it would all be clear
Wanting you to know I'm here

My lovely daughter, almost grown
You wanted to be all on your own
I didn't know you were so alone
What to say? I wish I'd known

I only know my love was true
Every moment that we went through
Prouder than you ever knew
My grown-up daughter, I so love you

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Passionista said...

I love this poem! I hope you showed it to your daughter :) Thanks for reading my blog and of course commenting!