Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love is a Croc

Here's a picture of me, feeling the love from a Croc. He's really a holesome shoe and he doesn't even have a tongue (obviously not French...) It's one of those "just friends" kind of relationships (right now), but we are going to take some long walks together and see how it goes.

I met my new shoe-friend after my writing group this afternoon, I wandered around Pearl Street, just enjoying the sunshine and street vendors, and saw there was a bunch of commotion for this opening of a new Croc store.

I looked down at the ground and saw the ad for crocs was "Feel the Love"! Way to go, Mr. Marketer. I am ALWAYS on the look-out for love! If the ad had been anything else, I probably would have walked right on by, but my feet have been complaining that they don't get nearly the action that my fingers get with Laptop Guy. They marched right up to the "Love Wheel" to spin for prizes. That's right. There was a Love Wheel, just like Wheel of Fortune, except the prizes were things like discounts on crocs.

I ended up winning a little bag to hold sunglasses, which says "Feel the Love" so I like it. And I did buy myself my first pair of crocs and even got a few little jibbitz shoe charms. I'm feeling very good about this new relationship!


Rebecca S. Mullen said...

I must say that I love my crocs, but they make my feet stink. Does that mean it will be tough to get my share of the lovin'?

Yvette said...

Oh dear! I didn't know they make feet stink!

My feet are having second thoughts about this relationship!