Thursday, June 02, 2011

Looking for my soul mate, "Joe"

I don't put much stock into all this cosmic woo-woo stuff about love. I think there's something to be said for being positive, which is a lot of what "the law of attraction" is all about, but I have to resist from rolling my eyes when people start talking about soulmates and putting things out into the "universe." But let's face it. I've tried just about everything else, so I'm going to do what Arielle Ford suggests in her seminar on how to "manifest my soulmate." She says the first key is to have clarity in who I'm looking for. So here goes:

I want someone who has a genuine, friendly smile coupled with a mischievous, playful twinkle in his eye. We'll be able to look at each other across a room and share a secret look... a look that might say, 'I can't wait until we're alone' or maybe just say, 'I have gas. Aren't you glad you're over there?' His smile, his touch, his voice will make my heart beat faster and fill my stomach with butterflies. I'll love his words, his humor, his intelligence, and his kindness. He will most likely be a father, but even if he's not, he will love kids - being somewhat of a kid himself... loving to play and laugh, happy to join in any goofy game or activity.

My "soulmate" will laugh when I make a corny joke, hold me when I cry, and be happy to snuggle as we watch a movie or just read quietly together. He'll think I'm pretty even when I don't have makeup on and he'll find creative, personal ways to show me he loves me. He'll love it that I celebrate the anniversary of our first kiss, the summer and winter solstice, and every unusual holiday there is.

He will be handsome but humble, strong but vulnerable, confident but not arrogant. We will both be independent, keeping our hobbies and friendships... but we won't feel insecure or jealous when we're apart, because we feel sure of our mutual love for one another.

He will care about health and won't smoke or do drugs. He'll have a healthy mind and won't dwell on anger or past hurts or grief. And he won't be judgmental of others. He'll be grateful for his strengths, passions and skills, and won't act superior to others.

When we talk, we'll each listen and support one another. We'll never run out of things to say, but sometimes we'll be happy just laying quietly together.

We won't share all the same interests or passions, but it won't matter. We will find things we both enjoy -- maybe traveling or cooking (and definitely eating!). He'll be happy to teach me things and learn from me, too. He'll love to learn and when he's excited or has learned something new, he'll want to share it with me as soon as he can. He'll text or call just to tell me something trivial because he'll know that I'll love that he wanted to share it with me.

He will prefer summer to winter and love sunshine and beaches. He'll be excited to explore new places and find something fun to do whereever we go. But it won't really matter where we are... even if we're stuck in an airport with a 3-hour delay... we will have fun because we're together.

So there he is. Now I think I'm supposed to talk to this guy who's out there in the Universe somewhere... I think I'll call him... Joe... (Joe was my first boyfriend's name. And it does have a nice generic feel to it.) If any of you know Joe (oh yeah... he also has to be single and around my age) please let him know I'm looking for him.

OK, Joe. I know you're out there! Come find me before we get much older, please!


rebecca @ altared spaces said...

I was so relieved when I got to the part about texting. I was beginning to think I'd married your soulmate. That would have been very embarrasing. But my guy loves winter and I've been trying to get him to the beach forever. We're going to the beach this summer but it's in Alasaka, I'm not sure that's what I had in mind!

Shannyn said...

Hi Yvette, I just discovered your blog from the LoveDrop forums, and thought I'd pop in to say hi. I loved this post- I know I'm feeling much the same way and trying some of the same tactics. A few weeks ago I even posted a picture of my vision board on my blog just to better "put it out there." It's kind of scary but also kind of exciting to be brutally honest with yourself on what you want in life or in a partner, and then to share that online!

I hope you find what you're looking for. I know I have to do some re-evaluation before I start committing to searching again. For a time, I thought I had found a man who seemed to have been drawn right off the list I had before but his career and family issues took him elsewhere and while it was disappointing to let him go to focus on himself, I feel that if I could find someone like that once, it can happen again, I just need to make sure *I* am ready before I put it out there!

I commend your courage and wish you the best! Perhaps we can keep in touch via blog or twitter! :)

Yvette said...

@rebecca, I'm so glad you married your own soul mate. Does he have an older, single brother who likes the beach by any chance? ;-)

Yvette said...

@Shannyn, so nice to meet you! It's comforting to know that even if I don't meet a "soul mate," I might meet a "soul sister" and a few friends along the way. And as we all know, the journey is part of the fun, right?

I'm so sorry you had to let go of someone you had such hopes for. I know how devastatingly painful that can be.

I have a good feeling that we will find our partners and maybe a big part of ourselves as we search.

Yes, let's keep in touch via the Internet as we go on this journey!

Julie said...

Joe is somewhere nearby. The trick is, when you meet him, don't doubt your spark of recognition. (Ah, he is even closer than when I began to write this.)

Ian Ironwood said...

Curious, you list everything that you want . . . but what do you have to bring to the table for poor "Joe"? It seems to me a dude like that would be in very high demand.

Yvette said...

Hi Ian,
You are right (except the part about Joe being "poor.") I have to bring something to the table, too, or else Joe would not have the mutual interest that I'm looking for!

I've been blessed with a lot of positive attributes and I thank my family (and God) for that. I'm a lucky lady, with or without "Joe."

I'm thinking my personality comes out a little bit in my description of who I'm looking for (not to mention my prolific blogging!) Beyond that, I guess "Joe" will have to ask!