Sunday, April 17, 2011

7 Shockingly Interesting Dating Articles

My obsession with getting traffic for the Boulder examiner dating column has gone depressingly poorly. I have written something each day and always advertised to Twitter and Facebook, but the resulting page views have been completely unpredictable and, in many cases, quite low.

I read a bunch of stuff that tells things you can do to build traffic... comment on others' sites, get involved in networks, write "pillar" content, etc. etc. I'm going to focus on something new each week and see what happens.

This week, I read about the importance of the title (hence my rather embellished claim about the "shockingly interesting" articles I wrote last week.) But, hey... I think they're interesting. The one about checklists vs. intuition generated a lot of discussion on Facebook. Let me know what you think!

Which of these titles draws you in and makes you want to click on the link? Why or why not?

  1. 10 reasons Pearl Street is the best place to go on a date in Boulder
  2. Holidate idea: Search for the perfect eggs benedict
  3. Online dating: Bad experiences with
  4. Checklists or intuition? Deciding if you want to go out again
  5. Crepes a la Carte: French dining that won’t break the bank
  6. Celebrate free ice cream with a date at Ben and Jerry's!
  7. Learn to cook and impress your date with a romantic home-cooked meal


Anonymous said...
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SuzyWeiss said...


I hear your pain with regard to getting traffic for the examiner dating column.

I have three suggestions:

1. Join or create a commenting tribe of like minded bloggers
2. Make it easier for people to comment. Currently, there are barriers to comment on your blog and on the column. The Blogger blog requires a commenter to login/register first. Compared to a standard Wordpress blog that doesn’t have that requirement. The examiner appears only to allow comments via Facebook. While FB is very popular it’s not for everyone.
3. Regarding headlines, lead with the benefit for your audience.

10 reasons Pearl Street Is The Best Place To Go On A Date In Boulder

Best Place To Go On A Date In Boulder - 10 Reasons Why

People scan and don’t read. So if I’m a single person I may not read the entire headline

So I might only read: 10 reasons Pearl Street Is The…
And skip the rest thinking it’s no a fit for me.

1. Best Place To Go On A Date In Boulder - 10 Reasons Why
4. Dating Checklists Or Intuition? Deciding If You Want To Go Out Again
5. Dating On A Budget: French Dining That Won’t Break The Bank
6. Sweet Romance Compliments Of Ben And Jerry's
7. Impress Your Date With A Cozy Romantic Home-Cooked Meal

I’m not an expert. It’s just my 2 cents.

Best wishes,

Suzy Weiss, Dating Coach
Straight Talk For Divorced Women’s Dating Success

Yvette said...

Great advice! Thanks so much!

snagamat said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I found your blog because of a link from a review you did on eHarmony. I like the way you write and empathize with the struggle to stir up traffic. It kind of seems like you have to catch lightning in a bottle: right time, right topic.

Anyway, I can't promise I'll be a frequent commenter/trafficker of your blog, though in a perfect world I would. I just found you to be discussing something I could empathize with and thought I'd just say your writing style's great and your perspective and focus are great. I have so many bookmarks I don't check-up on. It sucks! But I'm definitely bookmarking your blog for future reference!

PS - I recently started a Tumblr account, and it seems to get a small amount of traffic without me even trying. I think it's that venues like Tumblr and Twitter making tagging posts a more integral part of their service...

Yvette said...

snagamat, Thanks for the hint. I find that stumbleupon sometimes brings a lot of unexpected traffic, too, though I'm not really exactly sure how that site works. Honestly, I already feel like I spend too much time online, so have been dormant lately.

I'll check out tumblr. Thank you!

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