Thursday, January 31, 2013

Help me help Andi help Lexi

Andi Whaley has a goal of raising $5000 for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America to help her surrogate niece, Lexi. She sent a link on the McKesson bulletin board to her Web page with photos of her and Lexi and I could see right away that both Andi and Lexi were special people.

 Andi has found a kindred spirit in Lexi. "We're both high energy and silly," she says and fondly describes Lexi as a "funny, spunky kid." It's obvious that Andi is very close to Lexi and that she is committed to helping this little girl in any way she can.

 Andi's been running for 11 years and her races have already included 4 marathons and a 50K ultra-marathon among other races. She'l be running the Chicago half-marathon with Team Challenge. It's a challenge to run long distances and it's a challenge to raise money. But those challenges don't compare to the challenges that 11-year-old Lexi faces.

 For those of us who have the luxury of health, let's spare a little something to help Andi help Lexi. As someone who has seen the generosity from others who helped me raise money when I did fund-raising, this year I'd like to pay it forward by helping spread the word. You can do the same.

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