Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sister's Trip

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Favorite memories from our sister trip:

  1. Finding the picnic table and eating the delicious lunch at a super beautiful spot instead of at MacDonald's.
  2. Yummy Cinnamon Rolls (and feeding the homeless guy who thinks I'm scared of him).
  3. My perfect birthday presents right after I said I wanted necklace / earrings and photo stick.
  4. Everyone knowing we must be sisters
  5. Shopping and finding fun stuff
  6. Michele's internal struggle about whether or not to get the second lady and then the look of "sure satisfaction" when recognizing that they would be "sisters".
  7. Sharing our secret phobias (which will remain secret).
  8. Arriving at the perfect moment for the most beautiful sunset at the SandCastle pier.
  9. Watching Silver Linings Playbook (even though it skipped.)
  10. Geocaching
  11. Butterflies
  12. Taking endless pics on a stick
And... from my journal which is much too long for a blog post:

The very best part of the weekend...the part that couldn't be captured with the photos..was the talking. Memories of Dad... Long talks about relationships with kids and parents, heroes and religion and homeless people, everything and anything.. And, of course, the LOL. Yeah we were LWDOP (Laughing With Danger of Peeing) (I just made that one up and think it's more accurate than ROTFLMAO). We were laughing the whole weekend, even at stuff that may be a little inappropriate to laugh at, but the laughter, inappropriate or otherwise, felt really, really good.

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