Sunday, October 30, 2016

ALS Non-Profit Creates ALS Monitoring App

At the 2015 Rocky Mountain Walk to Defeat ALS, I met techie and photographer, Steph Courdin. I've admired how Steph, despite his ALS diagnosis is always positive and is working hard to find ways to improve the lives of those with ALS and to work towards finding a cure.

Steph founded a non-profit, ALS Never Surrender, with the goal of creating a mobile app which would monitor patient movement leading to a better understanding of the disease. In the same category as Fitbit, patient monitoring apps are game-changers in the health and fitness technology domain.

The foundation is currently seeking support, both in donations to help fund the development of the application or finding patients who wish to get early access.

The foundation is also hosting Art4theCure, a live and online auction, on November 19th.

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