Thursday, December 29, 2005

You Goal Girl!

I'm a very goal-oriented person. In fact, that's what got me into this blog business to begin with. Like millions of others, I have a "life goal" to write a book. Nevermind that the extent of my writing primarily consists of answering my email. In my defense, I have an email addiction which might actually qualify me as a writer...if qualifications were based on how much time one spends writing emails. However, the quantity of writing says nothing of quality, and that has been lacking. In 2005, I've made some half-hearted attempts to get more serious, beginning with submitting some essays to magazine publishers, starting the blog, and taking a 4-week continuing education class about freelance writing. I still haven't gotten anything officially published (at least for pay) but I did have a publisher from an errotica eZine ask to publish one of my essays for $10, so technically, I could have been published. I choose to pass on the offer, thinking getting published first in an errotica eZine is kind of like starting your dance career as a stripper. I didn't need the $10 that badly. And while I have nothing against tasteful errotica, I wouldn't consider that to be my genre of writing by any stretch of the imagination.

Back to goals. As any goal-minded person knows, you've gotta break your big goals down into more manageable goals. January 1rst is a big day for goal-freaks like me. I have to break my big life goals into yearly goals. Then, being really serious and somewhat weird, I even have monthly goals and have a little "New Month's Eve" party on the last day of each month with the ritual of setting monthly goals aligned with my yearly goals. [I'm a manager, so I do these things.] I did that last year until July when I broke up with FB (Former Boyfriend, Fart Boy--we'll cover the F-Buddy topic at another time). Then I got in a big funk and stopped doing my New Month's Eve celebrations (too many memories of the midnight goal-setting sessions with FB) but now I'm ready to get back on track!

So, what's on the "list" for 2006? Well, I think I'll focus on these 4 categories:
- Relationships / Love (not necessarily of the romantic variety)
- Writing
- Fitness / Health
- Personal Growth

I'll fill you in on my yearly/monthly goals in future blog entries, but for the writing there will have to be something about how many people I can get to actually read my blog. Now that I've used the word "errotica" several times, it will surely attract those that are looking for such words in search engines, bumping up my numbers, but, hey, sometimes you gotta use some dirty (as in tastefully errotic) tactics to meet your goals.

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Sam said...

I wish you luck with the book. It's great to see that you want control of all aspects of your book publishing... there's a few online firms - is one of them, which allows you to self publish your books how you want them to be (obviously a bit different to somebody else publishing, but the results are meant to be good). It prints on a demand basis so it prints as people buy them!
Anyway, good luck, happy new year!