Saturday, December 29, 2007

Meeting Bachelor #1

Yesterday was my first "meeting"-date with Bachelor #1 and, as promised, a blog update is due. As I sit here trying to figure out what to write, I am faced with questions I often ask myself when blogging about dating....especially when I've invited a "date" to read said blog.

-- What's the line between honesty and tackiness in discussing what is going on in our personal lives? Do we really want to reveal exactly what we're thinking? Doesn't that take away some of the mystery? What is too private?

For these reasons, I think I will remain somewhat vague in my description of this first meeting, and even rethink blogging about dating at all. It was a fun motivator and did help me find some brave, playful souls that were willing to humor me, but I might put this game to rest....or at least find a more private way to do it! ;-)

But let's get back to Bachelor #1.

First of all, Bachelor #1 is a very rare find on I don't mean to imply is only full of rif-raf (after all, I am on there!), but there are quite a few people that border on the creepy side. Being the discriminating, picky person I am, I cut through that pretty quickly and narrow down to the cream of the crop.

B#1 has a couple of habits potential dates should be aware of. People that are around him, may have difficulty feeling anything. And I also hear he puts people to sleep. However, being an anesthesiologist, I'm sure he could also take away any pain. This really could be handy, especially in old age, so B#1 scores points!

Our first "meeting" was at Jason's Deli for lunch and we had no trouble recognizing each other. We both agreed that we look a lot like our photos. Every man that I've talked to about online dating has expressed disappointment that what you see in photos is often very different from what you get in person. Though most of the guys I've met have looked like their photos, I'll admit that some have had irritating voices (think "Piglet" from Winnie the Pooh), mannerisms (think "Jack" from Will and Grace), or are lacking in basic social graces (think "Peter" from Family Guy). I'm happy to report that B#1 scored well in all categories.

Normally, I restrict a "match meeting" to a weekday lunch in order to keep it short. Since I was still on vacation yesterday, with no demands on my time, B#1 and I ended up talking for 3 hours! As he has learned, I can talk about relationships and dating non-stop! We talked a lot about attitudes about life and love and it turns out, I think we are very similar in our philosophies.

Overall, I'd say B#1 is a great catch. He was aware (without my even telling him) that I prefer "meetings" to "dates", and that I probably have some baggage to deal with before getting into a relationship. We both agreed, it would be nice to have another "meeting" when I get back from my race in Phoenix next month. I'm not sure if a romance could rarely does with me...but I have no doubt that B#1 would be a good person to have as a friend. I'd rate this match experience a definite success!

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