Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Art of Being a KUQ: Kissing up to Kim Iverson

I had an exciting email the other day from someone who was recommending The Laptop Dancer Diaries to his Wine and Book Club! Hooray! But that's not all... The guy is a Professor of PR and he helped me out by providing a very long list (as in about 300 names) of people in the media that handle the topic of relationships.

I debated about whether I should just send a blanket email to the list, but figured that would definitely get me nowhere (except maybe blocked and labeled as a spammer.) I think going through each one individually, researching their work, and then being very KUQ-y will be my plan of action. (KUQ = Kiss Up Queen, at which I am a master.) The first person on the list: Kim Iverson of Your Time With Kim.

I spent the next 15 minutes watching her video-recording of "The Mascara Monologues" where Kim has a panel discussion with 3 single ladies about relationship topics such as "How would you feel about your boyfriend being friends with his ex?" "Is it OK to sleep with other people if you're on a break?" or "Would you like it if your boyfriend punched out an ex that was bothering you?" and other dating/relationship types of questions. It's all very "Sex and the City" so if you like that kind of discussion (which I do!) you'll like her show. Kim, energetic, bubbly, and beautiful joins in the discussion herself and is quite the dynamic radio hostess. So even if you're a guy and don't really care about all the relationship-talk stuff, you'll probably just want to watch or listen to the show because -- well -- Kim's hot. (Yes, you may recognize this as the aforementioned KUQ-y behavior, where I am kissing up to Kim, but I am absolutely sincere in my praise of her show and beauty. However just to be clear, I'm heterosexual.)

I took a look at her past shows and she interviews people that have written books about divorce, love, dating... PERFECT! From what I could tell, she has not yet interviewed a 50-year-old who has a relationship with her laptop and has figured out the secret formula for falling in love. Obviously, I'd make a great guest on her show!

Being the social media maven that I am, I looked for her on Facebook, and there she was and has already become my "Facebook Friend!" (I LOVE this Facebook phenomenon. Isn't it awesome to be able to connect with people this way and properly pester them until they pay attention to you?) Of course, she has thousands of other Facebook friends who are vying for her attention too, but maybe if I kiss up enough, I'll have a possibility of getting on her show. Or if not, maybe I'll be able to get her on mine. Or at the VERY least, I'll be able to write on her Facebook wall.

So my "love lesson" for today is: learn how to be a KUQ.

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