Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's your favorite love quote?

One of the activities for my Love Party was to have people give me their favorite love quotes. Even people that weren't able to attend the party were able to participate.

Even though the party is over, I still want to continue to collect love quotes! Add a favorite love quote to the guest book or just in the comment section of this blog.

And if you want to get some ideas, there are plenty of places on the Web to peruse love quotes... Print out a few and post them around your house. It's always good to have those love reminders!

As I was searching around, I even found a site that would generate a "quote of the day" for your blog! These include more than quotes about love, but they're all good, so "Today's Quote" is getting added to my blog thanks to!

ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

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