Monday, July 26, 2010

Detective Work Needed: Help me find Joel from Superior, CO

Calling all detectives: $20 to the first person who can find "Joel from Superior, CO."

It's another one of the eHarmony "free communication" weeks. Even though I was very disappointed the last time I tried it, I couldn't resist, trying to go through the "guided communication" with "Joel from Superior, CO" since he looked like such a good match. According to his profile, he's 51, a software engineer, and is passionate about his family... all good stuff. Oh, and he went to MIT (I do have a penchant for geeks.)

We were nicely progressing through our guided communication and everything was looking good. (Well, I can't see or share photos, but based on personality, so far, so good.) Then, we hit the same stumbling block as last time... he sends me an email. I can't read or respond because I'm not a paying member.

To pay for 1 month would be $60. Just on principal, I don't want to pay that. But I have tried to do my own detective work to find Joel from Superior using Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I'm not having much luck. Even though Joel is not a very common name and Superior, CO is a small city, all the Joels I'm finding are not quite fitting the bill.

If someone out there can help me find the right Joel, I'll happily pay a $20 finder fee. Here's what I know about him:

He's 51 and lives in Superior, CO.
He's passionate about his "family, friends, career, music, art, and some sports."
He loves to travel and his favorite cities include Santa Fe and London
He's 6'0"
He's Christian
He never smokes and drinks a few times a year
He's white, non-Hispanic
He is raising a son
He's a software engineer and went to MIT

OK, detectives. Go find him! He could be my soul mate, just waiting to be found!


rebecca @ altared spaces said...

Don't know a Joel in Superior, but I'm willing to donate a $1 to the cause of paying the fee so you can find him on the dating site.

Engineer Dude said...

That's the problem with those non-free sites. I had a similar problem with Yahoo! and Zoosk. Check this one out: - very well done, IMHO. In fact, check this guy out - might meet some of your requirements: Olanm2

btw - follow @okcupid. I just got this link to a YouTube video: Cupidian Rhapsody ROFLOL!!

Anonymous said...

And he's cooler online. lol.

Yvette said...

Thank you, Rebecca. I don't think I will find 59 other donors, though, so I will just have to hope I run into Joel one day...

Engineer Dude - Olanm2 is one hunky catch, but I'm not ready to break up with Joel yet. Cupidian Rhapsody was funny. Those spoons need to find fork buddies.

Anonymous, Joel is undoubtedly cooler in my mind than in real life. Why pay $60 to ruin a fantasy?

Adam Mares said...

I don't know Vetski. Joel from Superior sounds too good to be true. People embellish their profiles on those dating sites. Based on what you said, he's probably really more like this:

He's 56 and lives on his friends couch in Superior, CO.
He's passionate about "some members of his family, his friend, his dream career, pop music stars, and especially sports."
He loves to travel and his favorite cities include Santa Fe and London (although he's never actually been to London)
He's 5'9"
He's a Christian on Sundays
He never smokes and drinks a few times a year (like 90 times a year)
He's white, (afraid of minorities)
He has a son somewhere
He's a software salesmen and went to University of Phoenix (for 1 semester)

Just joking. Okay, I'll stop commenting on your blogs...