Friday, July 09, 2010

21 Ways to Be Happy and 14,000 Things to Be Happy About

Last month, I was blogging about chapters from Gretchen Rubin's book, The Happiness Project. As part of that project, I started watching for articles and blog posts about happiness, and I'm happy to report, there have been a lot! I came across one on BeliefNet today:

21 Simple Ways to Be Happy

Now I've modified the list a bit.. For example, #6 in the article was listed as "Expect a Miracle." I don't really like to "expect" good things, but rather "find" good thing unexpectedly! The article has a photo and little summary of each, but below is the quick list:

1. Be Your Own BFF
2. Smile, Giggle, Laugh
3. Warm socks
4. Sing out loud
5. Eat Dark Chocolate (in moderation)
6. Notice good things each day (modified from "Expect a Miracle")
7. Meditate, Pray, Chant
8. Laugh at your shortcomings
9. Sleep
10. Make gratitude a habit
11. Wake up early with happy thoughts
12. Enjoy at least 20 minutes of sunlight
13. Think, read, say, sing Positive Affirmations
14. Pat yourself on the back when you do something good
15. Surround yourself with happy, positive people
16. Watch plants grow
17. Have some "quiet time" to "just be" (No TV, magazines, or Internet!)
18. Set goals and take action!
19. Accept what you can't change
20. Take a 10-minute nap to rejuvenate
21. Love everything - yourself, your friends, your enemies

I think these are great reminders. I especially like #21 -- Love, love, love!!

But this is just a start!

I remember perusing the book 14,000 Things to Be Happy About several years ago, just FILLED with all kinds of little things! Here are some examples from a random page:

  • eight hours of sleep
  • making snow angels
  • paintboxes
  • building a bed frame
  • spinach and sour-cream omelets
  • an idyllic quiet broken only by the ripple of stirring water...
  • stickpins

As Gretchen Rubin mentions several times in her book, each of us are unique and we have different things that make us happy, so my list would be different from your list. Every day we can add to that list as we notice things that bring us happiness.

What's something that would be on your list today?

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rebecca @ altared spaces said...

New sneakers. I know most women love heels, but that's not me. However, when I get a new pair of sneakers I can't help myself. I smile all day. All week. Yippy.