Thursday, September 23, 2010

Accolades for Craig

I've blogged about my friend, Craig Dunham, a few times. You know the guy. The amazing one who, even though he has ALS, still goes through each day with a smile on his face. Well, he turned 50 the other day!

I'd written him a poem. Actually, this was a special kind of poem called an "acrostic" where the first letter of each line spells out what the poem is about. I'd shown Craig the poem when I first wrote it a few months ago and he loved it and said he'd love to have it on his headstone, but it would cost a fortune to carve in stone.

Well, I don't like to think about headstones, but I was glad Craig liked the poem that much. I decided I'd much rather give it to him on a plaque than on a headstone in celebration of his 50th birthday!

After searching the internet, I found just the site for making custom plaques and awards: Accolade Designs. It was very easy to write my poem and format it just the way I wanted, with the first letter of each line in a larger scripted font. I ordered the plaque and it arrived in just a few days and looks beautiful!

As a bonus, I was told that if I blogged about it, I'd get a $5 discount. Me? Blog? No problem there! Not only am I happy to pass along information about a product that's beautiful, I get to show off another one of my poems! This one for my wonderful friend, Craig:


Craig Dunham is my good friend's name
Rogue and rascal just the same
ALS strikes hard but doesn't win
Instead he finds his strength within
God truly can be seen with him

Does he ever curse his fate?
Utter words of blame or hate?
No. My friend does none of these
His heart is free from this disease
Always faithful to Him above
My friend, forever you'll have my love


rebecca @ altared spaces said...

Love it!

Mark Tidd said...

Craig's sterling character is revealing your own Yvette.