Sunday, September 12, 2010

Help a Girl With Cerebral Palsy Win an iPad

A wonderful teacher friend of mine, Lis Young, is trying to win an iPad for a little girl in her class that has cerebral palsy. If she can get enough votes for her gym in this contest, she will win the iPad.

It takes just a few minutes and the e-mail will be sent to you right away for your confirmation vote.

You to send a copy of the verification vote page that you will get in an e-mail.

She needs to turn it into to by this Thursday, Sept. 16th.

Here are the steps:

go to
click on (a *list ABC 7) Denver Colorado 2010 or (2010 Denver's 7 A List)
Scroll down to Contest Categories
Select health and fitness from that menu
Then scroll down to gym
Then select Genesis Fitness (Listed in alphabetical order)
You'll see a yellow Cast Vote button, click on that, but you really haven't casted your vote
Now enter your e-mail, confirm your e-mail, and make up a password
scroll down and click the blue area that says register and vote.
Now go open up your e-mail account, the one you just registered.
Look in your (in Box) 7 News should have immediately sent you an e-mail to verify your vote.
Open up the e-mail and select the link they gave you to REALLY cast your vote.
Wait for the next page to load. It should say "Your account is confirmed."

Lis needs a copy of that page) Just cut and paste and send to her e-mail:

Lis told me: "The little girl's computer fried up in the room two weeks ago. Her mom works three jobs and takes care of two handicapped kids and is swamped.This girl needs the I-pad to do her work and to communicate in the room."

As of this morning, Genesis Fitness was in 9th place in this vote. We need to get it up to first in order for this little girl to get the iPad, so help me spread the word. Please retweet and send to your networks!


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Popo said...

Congrats to Lis and her fantastic win!! It's a good feeling to know we all had a hand in her victory. I hope the good karma keeps flowing in the direction of Lis.