Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Junk Food, Fun, and Funking Off

I admit it. I've been in a huge funk for the last couple of months. It's probably been apparent in my lack of blogging and my general malaise or seriousness in most of what I write. There used to be a time when I made an annoying pun with practically every sentence. I used to flirt with just about everyone I met, regardless of their gender, age, or availability. I used to laugh at stupid stuff, enjoy silliness, make up games for everything, and fill my house with cheesy decorations for every occasion.

I figure today is a good day to really snap out of the funk, because today is the day we celebrate my brother, Chris. He would have been 49 today. One of Chris' best traits is that he was "fun." I can't ever remember him being in a bad mood. He was known for how laid-back he was... nothing could ruffle his feathers. He died in a car accident at the age of 35, but in that short life he lived more than most of us ever will. Always full of energy, he was up for anything. On both his birthday (today) and the day he died (May 30... Memorial Day!), we celebrate with memories and traditions.

One of the traditions on "Uncle Chris Day" is to eat junk food. When Chris visited, he would fill my pantry with unhealthy snacks so he'd have stuff to munch on. I used to bug him about this as I had to ward off my own children from food that was off-limits to them. But now on September 28th (OK...maybe on a few other occassions, too) we don't worry about eating the "healthy" thing, but enjoy steak or pizza and Hostess HoHos in Chris' memory. We remember to savor sweet tastes, soak in the sunshine, and smile at strangers.

So, today is a day to "Funk Off!" (How's that for the annoying pun?) I will get back to my regular blogging and overuse of exclamation marks! I will resume inappropriate flirtations with everyone I meet! I will fill my house with witches that cackle, skeletons that glow, and ghosts that drive everyone crazy with their screams... but only after filling up on junk food!

My heart has been so heavy with sadness. But today I remember how Chris never brought us down with sadness. Of course, if he'd been alive to experience his death, we would have seen how chipper he would have been! But, we all knew he would have figured out a way to keep his humor, even in the face of death. He actually had a hearse that he'd made into a "party car" with a massive stereo system and a vanity plate that said DOA. It was center stage at his memorial service, blasting rock & roll music, as we all danced and remembered what life was all about.


rebecca @ altared spaces said...

I LOVE Hohos! And I'm not suppose to admit this. I'm going right out and buying a box today.

We'll celebrate with you at our house by playing games and laughing. We've got a goofy ping pong table game we play and we'll get out the bouncy ball and rollick about a bit.

Who knows...maybe we'll even scrounge up a pizza up here to toss back.

Thanks for funking off.

rebecca @ altared spaces said...

Because of your inspiration...last night we went up into the changing aspen trees, sat next to a babbling brook and lit a fire. We ate roasted hot dogs (and one veggie dog for my daughter) and Sun chips (the pink bag for breast cancer) and sipped drinks that were bad for us.

We had a blast. (We tried hard for the Hohos. But our little store had none to offer. We gorged on cookies instead. Hohos to come.)

Thanks for the permission to give in to our joy!

Yvette said...

Thank you for celebrating "Uncle Chris" day, Rebecca! Glad you had fun!

TJ said...

I love this fun way of celebrating your brother's life. Guess I should go out and play practical jokes on everyone to celebrate mine!

Yvette said...

Thanks, TJ. My brother liked to play practical jokes, too. I think the key is to play and have fun and they will be with us playing along in spirit.