Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spreading Kindness and Love with a Recorded Call

In honor of World Kindness Week, I wrote up an article about my "Giving a Gift of Love" idea and I'm hoping people will download it and pass it around.

Basically, the idea is to have the friends and family of the intended recipient call in to a conference call with messages of love and then record the call. With the recordings you can create a CD as a gift for the recipient to save and listen to whenever he wants. I'm doing this as a Thanksgiving surprise for my friend, Craig Dunham, who is a victim of ALS.

This idea has turned out to be a really fun experience for everyone involved. All the people who are participating are grateful to have this chance to send their love to Craig in this manner. I really can't wait to give him this recording so he can hear what a difference he's made in so many lives. Talk about kindness... Craig is the man. He's kind even when he can't move or talk! You can just see the kindness in his eyes.

This is especially a wonderful gift for Craig. Since he can't move or talk any more, he can't just pick up the phone and have a conversation with all the people he loves. But he can still hear and he can still love and I feel so lucky that I thought of this way that I could bring a whole bunch of love to him for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Now the rest of you out there CAN pick up the phone and talk! Isn't it amazing what we all take for granted? So even if you don't want to make a recorded call for someone, you can spread kindness and love every day. Don't forget to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you and how much you love them. It will mean more than you know to both of you.

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