Tuesday, November 09, 2010

World Kindness Week - Spread Kindness!

I have been meaning for quite some time to blog about the relationship of love and kindness and it looks like this will be the week! Yesterday I learned that Nov.8 - Nov.13 is World Kindness Week!

I blogged once before about the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Well, they have a new website that combines social media and kindness! You know I've gotta be all over that! There's even a game you can play to score points for doing kind acts. (You know how much I like points!)

There are all kinds of inspiring stories, ideas for spreading kindness to the world, and the ability to connect to like-minded kind people. How great is that?

I have found that as I surround myself with kind people (whether those be virtual friends or people I see in life all the time) my life just becomes more full of love and happiness. Sometimes my heart is just so full I can't express it. I have some people in my life who are kind beyond words... These people give so freely of themselves whether it be with a check for a good cause, a prayer, a vote in the latest competition, or just an encouraging word. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

I have spread the word about a lot of things since I started getting involved with social media and blogging... some of them have been purely for myself (like asking people to sign up for Jazzed so I could win an iPad) and some have been for other people... asking people to help a girl with Cerebral Palsy, asking for votes for a Children's Hospital, asking for prayers for those in need.

In all those cases, spreading the word made a big difference! Kindness spreads!

So, this week I'm going to blog all I can about kindness and this Random Acts of Kindness Website. Come join! Let's spread the word of kindness!

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