Sunday, December 26, 2010

Funny video about Manscaping

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As you probably have surmised, I'm a cyber-junkie. I read lots of blogs which send me to other cool websites and blogs and I could spend all day Web-surfing. And every time I come to an interesting post or site that has anything to do with dating or love, I think to myself: I should blog about THAT!

Well, today, thanks to a sweet comment she left on my blog, I've been perusing "girl nutkin in the BA"... quite an interesting blogger, who also is participating in the reverb10 project! And, of course, when I saw she had a post about "dating," I had to check it out and I found a couple of funny videos, including this one on "manscaping".

Of course, I'm way too pure and innocent to write about such personal topics on this blog, but figured I'm overdue for a funny video, so thought I'd pass this along!

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shirlsd said...

thanks for the mention, AND i'm glad asylum's emily is out there with her video clips - because she helps me say things to friends of mine that i can kinda say ... merpes at least keeps them mindful. :)