Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reflect on the year with #reverb10

I'd hoped to spend December "looking for love" in the blogosphere -- finding inspirational posts about stories of love and creating an eBook. Then, on December 2nd, I heard that my friend with ALS, Craig, couldn't swallow, and my December posts ended up being centered quite a bit on grief rather than on the happy feelings of love that I'd hoped to have this month.

However, today I found a Website, Reverb10, which undoubtedly will help me get back to my original intentions - finding blogs centered on spreading love and inspirational stories.

Each day in December, Reverb10 offers up a prompt for bloggers aimed at helping us reflect on the past year, and prepare for the coming year. This is the second year of this project, and it appears it will be an annual event, so next year I will be prepared to start on December 1rst!

In the mean time, however, besides providing me with prompts for my own blogging, I will have at my disposal many other blogs to read! The bloggers who are participating are advertised via the sites "Link Love" page, so I am sure to find plenty of insightful writers out there to help me with my eBook Love project.

Even though I'm a little late, I'm excited to get going with today's prompt about "healing." If you like to write, I encourage you to participate on the site, too! Or, if you're more private with your thoughts, maybe just use the prompts to help you reflect yourself on the last year and your preparation for next year.

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