Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December Game: Best blog posts of 2010 about love or relationships

Gamers, Bloggers, Readers, and People who love Love,

My post from yesterday reminded me how much I enjoyed games, and I often like to make up games at the beginning of the month to match my goals. So, it being December 1rst, and since I've had a goal to find great blogs and posts that are about love and relationships, I decided to host a December game about finding the best, most loving, inspirational, blog posts of 2010.

Here's how it works:

* Between now and December 20th, submit in the comments a link to a blog post you've read or written about love or relationships. If you have any trouble with submitting a comment, feel free to email me at

* Bloggers should submit a link to the post from their own blogs! Don't be shy! Just pick one of your posts that you feel is particularly poignant or inspirational. If you can't decide, submit a couple.

* I will compile these and create a poll so that readers can vote for their favorite between December 20-31.

* On December 31, I'll announce the Best Blog Post in 2010 About Love and Relationships (based on votes.)

* The person who submitted the entry will win a wonderful prize of the best selling humor memoir about love and relationships: The Laptop Dancer Diaries - A Mostly True Story About Finding Love Again.

* I'll go ahead and compile the blog posts into a free eBook that can be shared. This will provide hyperlinks and visibility to all your wonderful blogs and spread love throughout the world! Yay!

Help me by retweeting or posting on Facebook or to your networks and let's make this a great end of the year "Love project!"


Kevin said...

Not a particularly positive post but it is about relationships:


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