Thursday, December 02, 2010

Saying goodbye to Craig

I got some very sad news about Craig, my friend with ALS. His death is coming very soon. He's eating very little, on a lot of morphine, and ready to die. I know he has such a strong faith. He told me long ago that he was ready to move on to the afterlife with Jesus. (I can just imagine Craig and Jesus... He will have Jesus out hiking all over heaven.)

So, I am not sad for Craig. I know he is very prepared and looking forward to eternity. I am sad for me. I'm sad that I'll no longer get to call him and tell him how much I love him... how much he inspires me. I'm sad that I'll no longer get to visit him and see his smile when he sees me. I'll no longer get to see those eyes so full of life, despite a disease that crippled him. I'm sad for his children, his mother -- who just lost her husband to Alzheimers -- his sisters, his friends. I'm sad for all of us because we will be missing a great man.

Tomorrow I'll visit my friend for the last time. I'll hold his hands, hug him and tell him how very much I love him. And I'll pray that I can keep a part of him with me always to pass on his goodness to everyone.

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rebecca @ altared spaces said...

You have had your share of sadness this season my friend. My heart is with you. Please feel my hand holding yours and you hold Craig's.