Friday, October 01, 2010

eHarmony spin-off Jazzed - Free for 90 days and win an iPad!

OK, all you singles out there, here's the deal. eHarmony is starting this new online dating site called Jazzed and it's free for 90-days. They don't collect any credit card information. Now, even though I'm not crazy about eHarmony, this online dating site is quick and easy and, again, free! Also, (unlike eHarmony) you can search, rather than being at the mercy of whoever they send you.

Another benefit is that they're having a drawing for an iPad every week and you get an entry for every person that signs up with your invite, so I am on a MISSION to find every single person (both in the unmarried sense and in the every single person sense), get them to sign up and I'm going to win that iPad!

What's the drawback? Well, as of today, there are hardly any people out there. In fact, there wasn't a single guy in Colorado in my search criteria. (And for all of you who are going to say I'm picky, my only criteria was that he was a man.) I think there were only 1000 guys total on the whole site at this point. Personally, I consider that a benefit because a) I'm not really interested in online dating right now and b) it gives me better odds for winning the iPad. However, if you want a big selection, you'd be better off going with or (also free.) However, remember the iPad!! Once you sign up, you can invite a bunch of your friends and get in the drawing, too! (But wait until after I win this week, so you won't have to compete against me.)

Here are some other FAQs:

Q. Weren't you trying to win an iPad for a girl with Cerebral Palsy?
A. No, that was my friend, Lis, who actually DID win that iPad for her student!! Yay!! I simply want to selfishly win this iPad for me.

Q. I'm already in a relationship, so I don't think I should sign up.
A. Do it together with your significant other. You can pretend you're meeting each other online and do all kinds of kinky role play stuff. Or act out the Pina Colada song. Don't worry, you can get off as soon as I win the iPad.

Q. If I get on this site and ask you on a date, will you go?
A. Highly unlikely since I am not feeling very "datey" right now. I'm really just doing this for the iPad. However, I will gladly accept attention, flowers, cute text messages, and flirtatious remarks and return the favor. Mwah!

Q. Is this a hoax? Are you really just trying to sell your outrageously funny book, The Laptop Dancer Diaries?
A. No,the offer is completely true. But as long as you're single and lonely, you might as well read the hilarious Laptop Dancer Diaries. It will tell you all you need to know about finding true love so you never again have to be subjected to online dating sites.

OK, folks, go for it! May you find love and win an iPad!



Popo said...

Yvette!! Slow down and think about what you are doing!! Laptop Guy and you have been an item for quite a while. The grass is not always greener. Please consider a HDD reformat or an OS reinstall so you can start over fresh. Don't throw everything you've had with him away. Anyways, I'll sign up under protest, I guess.

shirlnutkin said...

this is a FUN post. i feel that iPad excitement, and no wonder why you won!!! LOVE IT!