Saturday, March 19, 2011

Assignment 12: What's Your Story?

This week on The Love Project, we're going to talk about feeling comfortable talking about yourself. What's Your Story?

Assignment 12: Tell me something about yourself either in a comment or a blog post. If you can't think of anything to say, then tell me one thing you're grateful for and why. If you have a blog, tell us what your blog is about. Leave a link and I'll add it to Website Wednesday.

Background: There are a few reasons I want to cover this topic this week:

1. Last weekend I heard two well-known authors, Steve Friedman and Clair Dederer. speak about their memoirs. I got some video of both of them, so I will posting that this week. I almost started a whole new blog about memoir-writing, but instead, figured I'd could work it into this week's theme.. Obviously, memoir is the ultimate "all about me" writing.

2. Intimacy and love starts with feel comfortable with yourself and sharing of yourself. Open up about who you are and share your thoughts and feelings with someone else. Reveal both what you like and don't like about yourself. When you open yourself to someone, they usually will reciprocate and that's how intimacy develops.

3. I have a lot of stuff that I've been wanting to share, but I keep thinking I have to make my blog focused on the "love project" theme-of-the-week. By making the theme be "talk about yourself" I can feel free to tell you all about what's going on with me! (I love talking about myself!)

But I also love hearing about YOU! So all you lurkers out there, I'm waiting to hear from you!


shirlnutkin said...

fascinating approach for the love project assignment and exploration. i'm intrigued. looks like i'll be posting and doing a bit of hyperlinking, as well, to previous posts. xoxo

Bob said...

As a "lurker" (ha ha)...I especially enjoyed the reference to intimacy. It's my time of day, early morning, quite intimate! And, the super, full moon is bright, high in the sky, and the whole dang thing reeks of intimacy, or at least the feeling that it's exactly when lovers share their innermost feelings, or at least something they want their significant other to know. And, speaking of...does intimacy know geographic bounds? I would suggest not, otherwise, intimacy is confined to the immediate area of you and your lover, and all things shared between yourselves in that space.

Of course everyone has a story, but the story of tonight, and all those who might enjoy peeking, especially at the super, full moon, is that your story is never less important; quite the contrary, if we didn't have the perceived, less significant, the otherwise ordinary, and the roads less traveled as it were, we would be quite boring as a society, overall.

I think when we just enjoy what we're doing...blocking out all the distractions, the things that stress us, deplete us...only then will we realize what we have to offer to someone else. And after all, isn't that the joy of what intimacy and closeness promises?

Think about it...Happy Full Moon, All!

Yvette said...

@shirlnutkin: Shirley, your enthusiasm and participation always brightens my day! I love how you share yourself and so much of what you learn with the world.

Yvette said...

@Bob, What a beautiful comment! You are obviously a seasoned writer and your description of the full moon did allow all of those of us who read to share that moment of wonder, romance and intimacy. It's one of the things about blogging that I enjoy most (and is especially nice for those of us who are single).. the ability to share moments of wonder and joy with the world.

I'm going to be pushy here and tell you you must start a blog! Or at least come out of "lurk"-mode more often! The world wants to hear more of your story.