Tuesday, March 01, 2011

51 Ways I Celebrated Turning 51

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I have to admit... I started out last week feeling depressed. When I was newly divorced I remember thinking I would definitely be remarried before 50. There was no way, I still wanted to be on the dating scene after that! Yet here I was... turning 51 and still single.

It didn't help much that I started the week by reading a blog post by "Private Man" in which he listed "6 choices for Entitlement Princesses over 45" including the one I found the most offensive:
4. Give up, become completely enveloped in the life of your kids and your grand kids while you wait for death. Bonus, they will hate you for it as you wait for death.

Now... I don't think I'm an "entitlement princess" (more on that topic some other time) but I do have to face the fact that I might not end up with another husband. Even if I do get remarried, there's a very good chance that I'll outlive my husband (I'm in excellent health!! A good reason to marry someone younger... again, another topic for another day.)

But I will tell you this... with or without a husband, I plan to be a big part of my kids' and grand kids' lives. I hope Private Man was making a poor attempt at humor or perhaps trying to be over-the-top or provocative with this statement, because it would be sad if anyone really believed that they would be "hated" for being part of their family's lives as they "waited for death."

Anyway, I decided it would be fun to celebrate at least 51 things during my birthday week, so I took notes each day of mini-celebrations that brought me happiness. I actually came up with a lot more than 51 but I've winnowed it down for your viewing pleasure. By the end of the week, I wasn't moping about my single status any more. I was thinking, 'I may be single, but this is a whole lot more celebrating than I ever did when I was married.' And the thing is... these are typical days! Other than the birthday greetings and gifts, many of these "celebrations" are the kinds of things that I enjoy every single day.

How do you celebrate each day? See if you can come up with a list with as many items as your age.

Yvette's List of 51 Ways She Celebrated Her Birthday Week:

1. Highlands Church: Love the music, love the message
2. A delicious dinner with Dee Dee and friends to Celebrate Rebecca R's BD
3. Sharing a ride with Rebecca R. and having a good girlfriend chat
4. Chocolate Cake

5. Chloe doing a "happy dance" when she saw me in the morning.
6. Beautiful sunny weather.
7. A nice long phone call with Rebecca M.
8. Lunch with Ravi and Jim and sharing my Yellow Scene fame
9. Scrabble (Words with Friends) with Scotty
10. Watching Benjamin Buttons with Scotty
11. Making cookies with Scotty

12. Lunch with Kathy M.
13. Watching Parenthood with Scotty
14. Happy Hour at The Village Tavern with Rebuilding group
15. Yummy salmon salad and margarita

16. Started back up with Jazzercise after 7 years (and Kathi remembered me)
17. Lunch with Rebecca R.
18. BD card from Mom
19. BD card from Michele

20. Sushi and ice cream with Pat
21. $30 off at Benihanas
22. Recognition from boss about the good work I'm doing
23. Got LoveProject2011.com working
24. Email from Kevin about romance
25. Prepare for Nic and Neely's Dating Marketplace Show to promote my book!
26. Early Birthday Greetings on Facebook
27. Scotty wins awards at wrestling banquet ... I'm so proud

28. Starbucks with Michael A.
29. Getting dressed up for lunch with Valerie at Baker St. Pub
30. Flowers from Valerie with an "I Love Ya" vase
31. BD Cards from Mary, Aunt Nancy, and Bill
32. Wearing new, comfy shoes that Mom bought me for my BD
33. Learned to Zydego at the Avalon
34. Met new, friendly people from other Rebuilding classes
35. Great music and lots of fun dancing!
36. Invitation to Sunday lunch at Bloom from Tim

37. Woke up to LOTS of Facebook Happy Birthday Messages
38. Text messages, emails, and eCards wishing me Happy Birthday
39. Invitation to lunch from Tom K.
40. Coffee with Tad
41. Bottle of wine from Tad
42. Sushi with Scotty
43. Special Häagen-Dazs Shake from Scotty
44. CU Art Museum with Scotty
45. Lasagna Dinner and MOM cake made by Meg and Chris
46. Celebration with all the kids at Meg's
47. Playing new game
48. Hearing Diego laugh and say 'night-night'
49. BD phone calls from Mom, Neal, and Michele

50. Brisk morning run in my new running clothes from Matt
51. Post from Shirley with Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy video


shirlnutkin said...

very creative and thoughtful of you to share. your celebratory week looked so awesome around family and friends. i can't wait until i am 51!!!

Yvette said...

Ha, ha, Shirley! I bet you celebrate over 51 things every day! (You are very advanced for your age!)