Monday, March 21, 2011

Hook Up Chas Update

The other day I blogged about Chas and his idea about asking for help in getting a wife, and guess what? This morning I got an email from him! He said:

hi yvette. a friend passed along your incredibly flattering (and well-written) post about my website. can't tell you how much it i appreciate it. (really makes this experience that much more rewarding.) take care, thanks again and hope you're having a nice weekend. best, chas

Isn't that sweet? I know this guy is getting tons of traffic (even MY post about him is getting lots of traffic) so I'm sure it must be hard for him to respond to everyone. And I didn't even send him an email! He sent that to me unsolicited!

If only I were 10 years younger, could have more children, and lived in San Francisco... I would be SO there. I really do love that spunk and he is a cutie. So here is my "official" application:

Dearest Chas,

I’d like to apply for the position of wife.
I’ll love you forever or… a few years of my life.

I am older, I know, but that’s not really too odd.
After all, what did age matter to Harold and Maude?

I, too, love kids and would love to have a few for us.
I promise I’d have them If only I still had a uterus.

I do love to play Scrabble so you’re not alone.
But I live in Colorado, so let’s play by phone?

OK, it may appear that I’m not quite right.
But when I saw the photos it was love at first sight!

How could I not be smitten with a guy so spunky?
I have to ask, what’s the status of Important Monkey?

No, it’s you I love… I was just being funny.
But if you don’t love me, can I still have the money?

If it’s not me, I assure you, in your email stack
There’s someone who will love you to the moon and back.

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