Saturday, March 26, 2011

Assignment 13: Go on a date!

Will you go for a date?
Assignment 13: Go on a date! It does not have to be a "romantic" date. It can be with a friend of either sex, or your kid (though mine insists that rather than "date" I refer to these one-on-one experiences as "outings" or "excursions.") Absolutely, if you are married or in a relationship, go out with your significant other! If you're single, maybe take the plunge and ask out someone you're attracted to, but if there's no one in particular that you're feeling romantic about, then shower that pent-up attention on someone you love.

OK, Love Project Fans, we are winding down on the first quarter of 2011, and the Love Project is going to veer into a new, but related, direction in Q2, with the focus on dating.

Now, just as I said in the assignment, dating does not have to be about romance. And it doesn't have to be restricted to singles! In fact, I have much more fun dating when I'm in a long-term relationship than when I'm dating someone I don't know too well, so I don't know why we so often associate "dating" with being single.

I have decided that for my 52nd year (which started the week of my 51rst birthday) that I would go on a date a week... or 52 dates. Since I'm not requiring these to be "romantic" dates, this has been easy and lots of fun! Here is my definition of a date:

Spending one-on-one time giving attention to and receiving attention from someone I care about and enjoy being with.

My goal is to have at least one date of this type each week, going to a different place each week. I enjoy coming up with unique date ideas and spending quality time with the people in my life.

Now, of course, I do want some romance, too, so I'm not ruling out traditional romantic dates... I'm hoping to have my share of those throughout the year, too. But dating doesn't have to mean romance. It's more about sharing time and attention with someone.

And, of course, this will tie in very nicely with my new Boulder Dating Advice column on Be sure to check that out and subscribe!


rebecca @ altared spaces said...

I had a great date yesterday with my daughter picking out a dress for her to wear to prom. This was one of those "Mother-daughter" moments. It did not disappoint. She looks stunning. The long drive home she told me about how the prom day was to unfold. Sounds quite princess-esque.

Yvette said...

That's wonderful, Rebecca. Glad you were able to share such a special time with your daughter.

shirlnutkin said...

i love the direction you are going with the love project. and i do feel that with the weekly assignments of the past, many of them are definitely still part of the fabric of this coming quarter's theme. LOVE IT! thanks for keeping this going!

Yvette said...

Thanks, Shirley! You're always so supportive!

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Georg FS said...

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