Monday, March 28, 2011

5-second Cuddle Party

This week on the Love Project we're talking about Dating. In fact, we're going to keep talking about dating because I'm now the new Boulder Dating Advice columnist at This is quite a fun new job because it means I have a good excuse to keep up-to-"date" on the Boulder dating scene.

So when I got invited to a Cuddle Party on Sunday, I thought to myself, "I should go check this out and write an article about it." But, as I said once before, I think cuddle parties are weird. I feel like I shouldn't really judge them without personally checking them out, but the thought of cuddling strangers just seems creepy to me.

However, I did ask my new friend, Armin, what he thought about the idea of "cuddle parties." Armin answered appropriately... he was not interested in cuddling with strangers, but he was happy to give me the "experience" if I wanted to write about it for my column.

We had a much less provocative date - celebrated Cherry Blossom Day by going to Sushi Zanmai in Boulder. But we did sneak in a 5-second "cuddle party" as we posed for the self-timed photo. Though I still have no interest in cuddling up with strangers, I have to say the practice session was really very nice!

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