Monday, February 28, 2011

My Famous Appearance on Nic & Neely's Dating Marketplace

On the last day of the month I like to reflect on how well I've been accomplishing what I set out to achieve the month before. My big yearly goal has been to run The Love Project 2011, with the side hope of getting publicity and exposure, both for The Laptop Dancer Diaries and for The Love Project.

Last night I had a fun breakthrough! I was interviewed on Nic and Neely's Dating Marketplace Radio Show about my book!

I'm sure the Academy Awards ratings took a big hit as everyone tuned into hear me... but, I got quite a few emails this morning from friends who told me they missed it and wanted to know if an .mp3 was available and here it is.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


shirlnutkin said...

enjoyed listening to the interview. (yes, i was one of several staring at oscar night dresses and all) any chance to get the html from you for the divshare audio? i'd love to add to a blog post on girlnutkin?

again - fabulous interview!

Double Your Dating said...

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