Friday, June 02, 2006


Blog, honey, I have something to tell you. First of all, I've discovered I'm Cybersexual. That's right. I fall in love with computer media. I spend all day with computers and we have such a good time together. Lately, I've been quite infatuated with the Parents Without Partners Forum. I've had a lot of extra time, and I've been spending a lot of it with Forum.

So, Blog babe, I guess this would mean I've been seeing someone else. The Forum is a lot more communicative than you are. I pour out my soul to you Bloggy, but you never talk back. It's starting to get serious with The Forum, and I'm thinking he might be giving me more of what I need. I know this isn't easy. You've been good to me and I have learned a lot from our time together. I hope we can still be cyberfriends.

We can still see each other, Blog, but I wanted to give an explanation for why I've been so absent lately. I hope you don't feel betrayed. We never talked about having an exlusive relationship, and I just felt like you really weren't "into me". I've read the book, and you were showing all the comment fields were always empty. We've just grown apart.

Please don't think it was your performance online. You showed me technologies that I'd never experienced before.