The Love Project - 2011

In honor of Craig Dunham, a man who taught me that single or married, old or young, healthy or dying, we all have the ability to give and receive an unlimited amount of love.

What is it?
The Love Project is a project starting Jan. 1, 2011, which will allow you to read about and share your thoughts about bringing more love into the world and your life. Each week, I'll be sharing resources, giving assignments or prompts  via my blog and Facebook page designed to bring more love into your life!  You can respond via comments, links to your pages, or via Twitter with the hashtag: #love2011

What's in it for you?
This is a way to spend some time reflecting, learning, and sharing ideas for both giving and receiving love. For bloggers, it's a way to get visibility and links to your blog and will give you some topics to start with to help prevent writer's block! It will be fun!

What's in it for me?
Everything that's in it for you AND this will allow me to do research for my next book.  

Help Spread the word
Cut and Paste the following to your status on Facebook, Twitter, or other sites: Join The Love Project: #love2011


  • Saturday will be a new assignment for a new love-related theme of the week.
  • Wednesday will feature websites related to the theme, including blogs of those participating.
  • Friday Funnies will feature something funny related to the theme.
 And in between will be updates from me about resources or thoughts about the theme.

Week 1: Affirmations
Week 2: Goal Setting
Week 3: Beauty
Weel 4: Self-Portraits
Week 5: Know Yourself
Week 6: Love Notes
Week 7: Kindness
Week 8: Reframing Rejection
Week 9: Celebrate Age
Week 10: Romance
Week 11: Gratefulness
Week 12: What's Your Story?
Week 13: Dating

How to Participate:
  • Subscribe to and/or comment on the Lessons of Love blog
  • Join and comment on the Laptop Dancer Diaries Facebook Page
  • Write your own blog post about the topic being discussed and leave a link, either on the blog, the Facebook page, or both.  I will add your link to my blog roll under "Love Project Participants" and feature you on Website Wednesday.