Sunday, August 02, 2015

Join Team Carpe Diem 2015 - Let's Defeat ALS!

In 2014, in memory and in honor of my friend, Craig Dunham, I had a personal goal to be the top fund-raiser in the Denver Walk to Defeat ALS.  Thanks to the generous support of so many people, I made it!

I was so proud to have met that goal and it felt awesome to have raised so much money for a cause that means so much to me.  It was also super-cool that I had a team of 31, dressed up in our home-made Carpe Diem Super Hero costumes.  (By the way, I think having "CDs" as part of the emblem was super-cool because CD stands for both Carpe Diem and Craig Dunham and it looks like a effervescent space-agey super-hero type of thing!)

I decided that I needed to make this event an annual tradition. It's tough to ask for money when I know all my friends have been inundated with requests from so many charities.  But then I remember how lucky I am to have my health. The discomfort of sending an email is nothing compared to the discomfort those suffering with ALS struggle with every minute of every day.

So every year I hope to be coming back again and proudly leading Team Carpe Diem in the Walk to Defeat ALS.

This year, my goal is to still make it into the VIP section with the biggest team. I already have a reporter lined up to write a story about Team Carpe Diem and I've pre-announced that it will be the biggest and most-spirited team.

The Walk to Defeat ALS is a literal "walk in the park" and free to join. Even though it's not a big sacrifice or training effort for people who do the walk (like running a marathon or shaving your head...) they keep it easy so that anyone... even those who are in wheelchairs... can do it.

Rather than donating under my name, join Team Carpe Diem and donate under your own name. Be part of creating a world without ALS.