Monday, May 19, 2014

Urban Adventure Quest provides perfect entertainment for the playful traveler

Anyone who knows me, knows these things about me:

- I love to play games
- I love to travel
- I love a good deal
- I love technology

What's more, I passed these traits on to my son, Scotty. He's my favorite travel buddy because he's always up for whatever game I come up with. However, these days it's a little tougher for me to come up with games that will keep him entertained. Scotty, a 19-year-old engineering student, recently competed in the College Puzzle Challenge at Purdue and his suggestion of entertainment during our upcoming cruise was that we could work on puzzles from past years.  After trying one such puzzle, I quickly nixed that idea.

However, I did want to figure out something that we would both enjoy when we stopped in Catalina Island and I wasn't crazy about any of the overpriced excursions the ship offered.  (These definitely did not fall into the "good deal" category.)

When I googled "Things to do in Catalina," little did I expect I'd stumble upon the perfect activity for us: An Urban Adventure Quest Walking Tour of Catalina Island! The self-guided tour, part scavenger hunt, part game, was very reasonably priced and provided just the activity that was ideal for the two of us. The quest would guide us through the island with challenges and puzzles that were Goldilocks-perfect.. not too easy and not too hard. (OK, compared to Scotty's college-puzzles, they were super-easy, but not so easy that we got a perfect score. They could be a little tricky but were just right for our small mother-son team.  After all, who wants to think TOO hard while on vacation?)

The walking tour provided history and information about classic sites of the island as well as some hidden gems off the beaten path. Camera in hand, I snapped plenty of photos of the picturesque island and will savor the memories of the fun afternoon.

I highly recommend this fun way to see a new place. Urban Adventure Quest offers adventures for many major cities across the nation.  Their Facebook page is: