Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Meeting Hannah - The woman behind "Scrum Your Wedding"

Today I met Hannah Kane, an enterprising young woman, who has projects that mix many of my favorite things: Scrum, Event Planning, Theme Parties, Scavenger Hunts and Happiness!

I first learned of Hannah through one of her business projects, Scrum Your Wedding, where she uses Scrum (a project management framework that I teach) in wedding planning. It's a very unique and creative use of the framework, so I wrote about it in an article that was published today for TechBeacon: Personal scrum - Using agile techniques to manage your life,

In doing a little digging, I found that ScrumYourWedding was  part of Everybody's Invited, another project that Hannah co-founded. Everybody's Invited is all about creating fun and memorable events through surprise, play, and adventure. There's even a free "Good Life Guide" eBook that's available from the site that is wonderful!

I am so impressed with the Good Life Guide and the ScrumYourWedding Guide... not only is the content right on the money, the eBooks are formatted so professionally and are really of a higher quality than I typically see -- and I see a lot!

Now, I travel quite a bit for my new consulting role, and I always try and meet up with someone whenever I'm visiting a new place.  This is almost like my own little "scavenger hunt" to meet like-minded people.  Well, it just so happened that Hannah is from Portland, Oregon... the very place I was headed to teach my next class.  How cool is that?

So today Hannah (who works full time at Mozilla) took time out of her busy schedule to meet with me in person.

It was awesome to meet the person behind the words and ideas that I'd been reading about. I just love it when social media and technology put us in touch with someone who then we can meet "in real life."

Hannah and I talked for a long time about our backgrounds and plans for the future. I'm so impressed with Hannah's drive and wisdom at such a young age.

One of my many ideas for a book is to have a collection of profiles of people who write about Happiness and I'd like to start with Hannah...  Stay tuned. This woman is going places!