The Story of Craig Dunham

Every year I lead a campaign aimed at raising money to defeat ALS in memory of my friend, Craig Dunham -- a man who taught me so much about the meaning of love.

Craig's story

In 2008, Craig was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. This degenerative disease robbed Craig of muscle function, leaving him unable to move or talk. Eventually, he was unable to swallow at all. But he never lost his ability to love. He did that better than anyone I've ever known. He peacefully died on December 6, 2010, fully prepared to spend eternity with God.

Super Carpe Diem Woman

In 2014, ALS got a lot of publicity, thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge. That year, I vowed to be the top fund-raiser for the Rocky Mountain Walk to Defeat ALS and had fun playing the role of "Super Carpe Diem Woman," taking the challenge 12 times, and raising over $12K. It was through Craig's example, that I've been inspired to take advantage of every moment. For me, that includes having fun and dressing in costume as often as possible!

How to help in 2018:

Walk to Defeat ALS in Colorado:
Super Carpe Diem Woman will be leading Team Carpe Diem in Denver on October 13, 2018. If you live in the Denver area, then come join the team or donate to the cause. No amount is too small.

If you have any trouble with the links, or prefer not to donate online, please let me know!

I hope I can pass on just a bit of the inspiration I got from my friend, Craig, to encourage you to live a life that brings you joy, happiness, and love.

History and More about Craig

I wrote several blog posts about Craig.  His faith and devotion in spite of such hardship inspired me tremendously. I hope some of these posts will help keep his spirit alive, reminding people to never take life or love for granted and to strive to live with the kind of faith that he demonstrated.

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