Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pi Sonnet

Last week I celebrated "Pi Day" (3/14) with Scotty who was home for Spring Break.  We did a variety of activities including entering this Pi Project Competition.  I shared the link and asked people to vote via Facebook, but it appears it's not very clear that there are multiple pages which is too bad because I'm most proud of my Pi Sonnet which is on the last page of the project. Right now there are only 25 entries and 26 prizes, so I (hopefully) will win a prize, even without the votes, but I wanted to take this opportunity to properly show off my Pi Sonnet. 

Definition: a poem of fourteen lines following the rhyming scheme: aaa.bccccbddddd; Typically a love poem.
Diameter, a straight and simple number
Alone and feeling down and umber
In boredom she would simply slumber
[Pointed pause]
But wait!
A number of a different sort
Up front, she finds he's rather short
Oh, but past the point, there's no report
of ever reaching an ending port.
It’s fate!
He’s different, yes, not Hex nor Bi.
This irrational number was her guy.
At last she'd found her Sweetie Pi.
And so, she proposed with an excited cry,
"Let's go full circle and multiply!"