Monday, March 03, 2014

Thank You to Those Who Donate

I have done quite a bit of fund-raising in the past 15 years.  I've done a lot of running events  for Leukemia & Lymphoma and Cancer. I always felt awkward about asking my friends and family for money, but I knew that the causes were good, so I sent the emails and letters.  And, over the years, I've tried to help others who were fund-raising with donations and by helping to spread the word of their causes.

The downside of this is that by now my friends and family have seen so many emails from me asking to donate to causes that many of them are undoubtedly wishing to be off my email list!  And, though, I may have even promised them in the past that I wouldn't do any more fund-raising, here I am again, asking for money.

This time is different, though.  This is the first time I'm fund-raising for ALS, and it's very personal for me. The experience I had with helping my friend, Craig, who had ALS, was life-changing for me.

Even though I'd been worried that asking for money, yet again, would annoy my friends and family, I was once again, moved by the generosity from those who donated.  Many friends donate again and again. I almost felt like keeping those who have donated in the past off of my distribution list because I don't want them to feel like I'm taking advantage of their generosity. But instead of complaining, they give me encouragement and more donations! 

After only 2 weeks, I've already raised over $3000 of my $12000 goal! 

There are those who I barely know who have contributed... There are a couple of people (who I won't name to protect their privacy) who have given amazingly generous donations. These people truly are selfless. They ask for nothing in return, but just give because of the cause.  Maybe they knew Craig or have known someone who suffered from ALS and, like me, want to do something to help find a cure for this awful disease.

And then there are people who donate for me.  My family and good friends fall into this category.  I'm especially proud of my children, who don't have much money, yet still donated generously. They know how I loved Craig and they want to show their support. I feel so moved and grateful for those who realize that raising this money helps me keep Craig's spirit alive...  

Whenever I've done fund-raising, but this time especially, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the goodness of those who donate.  A thank you  doesn't seem to nearly say enough. I wish I could bestow all the goodness and generosity back ten-fold to those who give, but I guess I will have to leave that job up to God.

So... for all those wonderful people who have donated to this very worthy cause...  Thank you. You make such a difference in this world. I will always be grateful for your generosity.