Monday, April 29, 2019

Week 17: Basement Window Wells

Wow! These weeks are really passing by quickly! It's already time for my weekly 'demo'!  Since time is short, we're gonna skip the commentary today and just post some photos along with my "What Worked Well" and "What Could Be Better" sections.

This week's goal? Number 42 from my 60 until 60 list:

Clean my basement window wells

The finished product

Yuk! Had to clean bottom of well with a couple of carcasses.

Before picture. Look how rusty and gross this looks!

Love that I was able to fill the bottom of the well with blue cellophane and painted rocks

What worked well

  • Was thrilled to find these Biggies Window Well Scenes. I didn't even know this type of product existed and I'd been looking at replacing the entire window wells to the tune of multi-thousands of dollars. Instead a scene only cost about $100!
  • Very excited that the finished product looks so dramatically different and cool!
  • Easy for me to do by myself! (Typically anything I attempt that requires any kind of artistic, crafty, or handy-man kind of skills turns out badly, so this was really an experiment that turned out very successfully!)
  • I've been noticing what 'brings me joy' (Marie Kondo speak) and what does not. The gross, rusty window wells brought me the opposite of joy (disgust?), but now I love looking at the new scene.
  • I'd found these old painted rocks and blue cellophane in my basement and wasn't sure if I should keep them. This was the perfect use for them!
What could be better

  • I only did one of my window wells so I have 3 others in my basement that still are bringing me disgust. Now that I know how well this turned out, I will plan on doing the other 3, but I still have some decisions to make before working on those.
  • I still need to get a window well cover (one that's clear so light will come in) to keep gunk and weather from ruining the pretty look.
  • It was gross, gross, gross, to have to clean and throw away the dead carcasses. I think they were bunnies..  And it made me sad that little animals died by falling into my wells.
I don't want to end this post on the dead-bunny note, so I'll just end in saying I'm very happy about how this week's goal turned out!  One more step in beautifying my home! Yay!


Anonymous said...

A total of four window wells should equal a scene from all four seasons, right?

Michele Hebrank said...

Wonderful improvement

Unknown said...

Very interesting I agree with what you said.