Monday, October 07, 2019

Week 40: Goal #43: Try marble contact paper on an old table

It's the end of Week 40 of my 60-week celebration and a many of the goals on my list have to do with cleaning up my basement.  I've got a lot of old junk down there. However, I saw a picture last year of a table that had been beautified with marble contact paper and thought: 'I want to try that!'

Finished Result! 
After my old table was transformed, I used it to display some other thrift store finds and I think it looks very cute in the corner of my basement!

Like many of my goals, this turned out better than expected! First of all, the roll of contact paper only cost $5! Secondly, it's very rare that I'm pleased with anything crafty that I attempt, especially on the first try! This turned out to be exceptionally easy, even for someone like me, who makes a mess out of anything that involves stickiness (duct tape, packing tape, super glue, etc.) You should have seen the pathetic job I did with the Dollar Tree stick-on fingernails I tried! But, unlike the botched up fingernails, this worked like a charm!

I started with this very old little table.

Uh oh! When I saw all these creases I thought I was in trouble. But after the backing was removed, it was easy to smooth out the contact paper and remove any bubbles or creases.

Contact paper applied

Both sides brought up for a longer table

What worked well:

  • Contact paper was only $5
  • Even though I'd never done it before, I'm very pleased with the end results!
  • I was able to do this whole project in less than an hour
What could have been better:
  • The edges and corners aren't perfect
  • This worked well on a small table, but it would be harder on a bigger table because the seams would show. 
  • If I were doing a larger space or piece of furniture, I'd want to do it with someone else. Projects are always more fun with another person (especially one who knows what they're doing!)

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like looking at one of your own completed projects and thinking, “I did that!”