Monday, January 21, 2019

Week 3 Goal #13: Visit to The Last Bookstore

We are at the end of Week 3 of my 60-week-birthday party and Wow! This week has been AMAZING! I've been in southern CA, staying with my sister, Michele, and she has gone above and beyond in supporting and participating in my project! She has been celebrating with me, given me a theme-based present every day of my visit and helped me with so many of my goals! However, I'm going to focus right now on: 

Goal #13: Visit my sister in Southern CA and go to this super-cool bookstore (among other things).

The first thing we ask with goals is why do we want to do them? What value will we get from accomplishing this goal?

OK, this is kind of a no-brainer. I wanted to go to a super-cool bookstore because I love bookstores! But WHY? Why THIS bookstore? The name of the store was, "The Last Bookstore" with the implication that bookstores may soon be obsolete. Even though I'm a nerdy techie who loves apps and digital everything, I also love, love, LOVE books! If they are at risk of becoming an endangered species, I will do what I can to protect them! Fear not, precious, old books! You will not just be shelved and forgotten in some dusty, old, attic. At The Last Bookstore, you might be chosen to become...  ART!

Yes, The Last Bookstore not only housed books to be purchased, but used books to create a variety of book sculptures and art work. (I'll need to refine Goal 46 which has to do with figuring out what to do with all my books!) The creativity and unique displays were really why I wanted to go to this particular bookstore and they didn't disappoint!

The second part of this goal that makes it so valuable is that I did it with Michele! She is as gaga about books as I am! In honor of our excursion, she gave me a beautiful bookmark and a Nancy Drew Mystery journal (I placed it so it was mysteriously peeking behind the Nancy Drew / Hardy Boy section for a photo op). We both nostalgically browsed throughout the store reminiscing about many favorites we found and had read.  She's a photographer and I'm a writer, so it's no wonder that we both love books!

What worked well
  • I just loved sharing this experience with Michele! So wonderful when you both share a passion!
  • Very fun, unique, and creative bookstore! Exceeded my expectations!
  • I loved that Michele made our celebration into a 'book-theme-party-day!' We even watched a movie, The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society, which was a story that centered around the love of books and literature.
  • We each found some great books at good prices that we were very happy with!
What could have been better
  • The location of The Last Bookstore in downtown LA was tough driving on the LA freeways, and getting back to Michele's place was slow-going. I'm grateful she was driving!
Next week's plan:

Another goal that I've been working on with Michele is #17: 

Learn digital photography better with the help of a professional photographer (my sister, Michele)

Stay tuned for next week's exciting revelations!

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Anonymous said...

I couldn’t help but wonder if you donated a few copies of your own book...if it truly becomes the “Last Bookstore,” wouldn’t it be cool if your book graced their shelves?

Thank You, Thank You Very Much!