Sunday, March 24, 2019

Week 12: Share a Cool Thing of the Week

We are nearing the end of Week 12 of my 60-week project and I've made so much progress on so many of my goals! However, a few are these kind of poorly-defined, do-every-week-kind of goals.  For example, Goal #9 on my 60 until 60 list is:

Every week share a “Cool Thing of the Week” via social media and encourage others to do the same

The main reason I wanted to do this was that I love the unusual and interesting things I read about on social media and I naturally want to share stuff that I find 'cool'!  In the same way that having a gratitude journal reminds me to be on the lookout for things I'm grateful for, this goal reminds me to look for fun things to share.  And, of course, I love when my friends share things with me that they think I'd like.  My sister has been sharing these gorgeous purple-flowered photos with me, almost daily, and it always makes me happy!

This is not much of a stretch goal because I subscribe to plenty of newsletters full of things that I think are cool. Typically, I don't like how mainstream news seems to be so full of negative stories. But guess what? Just last week, I signed up for this CNN newsletter called The Good Stuff which has a weekly dose of cool stuff in the news! Yay!

Since I started this goal, I regularly share on Facebook at least one thing a week ranging from sharing pictures from my week, to this easy way to support ALS research,  to the latest crazy National Holiday, to an event I think would be fun, to something fun I found on YouTube or Pinterest.

What worked well about this goal:
* By sharing things that I like, people get to know me and my tastes and then share back things that they think I'll like, which always makes me happy.

* It's always amazing to me what fun, amazing, incredible, cool things that are out in the world and that we can so easily share with one another.  I've always loved social media!

* In general, this goal has helped me continue a habit of finding awesome and beautiful things in the world.

* Even though I know it's not as good as bonding face-to-face,  this helps me feel closer to friends on social media, who I normally don't get to see.

What could have been better about this goal:

* This goal is easy for me, so hardly qualifies as a 'goal.' If anything, I have to be careful not to spend too much time on social media.

* I decided I don't really need to "encourage others to do the same." That seems a little pushy and annoying..  Consider this blog post my "encouragement."

* Rather than having a goal to do this 'every week,' I'm just going to remain mindful of looking for and sharing 'cool' things on Social Media. 

So with this blog post, I'm considering this goal complete! I will continue to share things I find cool and look forward to reading about all the cool things everyone else is sharing!

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