Sunday, May 19, 2019

Week 20: House Maintenance

This week I finally have pretty kitchen window sills and baseboards, right in time to see the irises that are starting to bloom!

Quite a few of the items on my 60 until 60 list have to do with house projects.  Goal number #50 was:

Refurbish window sills and baseboards that are old and chipped

While these types of goals seem more like chores than goals, they are things I've procrastinated on for years.  If you take a look at the 'before picture' of my kitchen window sill, you can see how chipped and dirty it looked.  One thing about having dirty old things, is it's such a drastic difference to have them nice and clean!
Before Picture - Ugly, chipped sills

I hired someone to do this work (and a lot of other stuff, like repair many cracks in my house, a drawer that was coming apart, and a patio that was breaking down.)  Jim Roshan from PunchMan Handyman has been to my house several time over the past few months to help me repair these long-overdue issues.

Yeah, yeah, I didn't even do the work, but I'm giving myself credit for finally finding someone who could get it done.

Unfortunately, as my house continues to age, there will always be more maintenance work. This week, I also did 'maintenance work' on my car and even my body, as those things age, too.

Mobile workshop in my garage

Jim fixing cracks in the walls

Final coat of paint on the window sill
What worked well

  • Found a handyman, Jim Roshan, who could do the work
  • Jim was able to do multiple projects that needed to be done around my house
  • I love the fresh, clean, look of the freshly painted sills and new baseboards in the kitchen
  • Finally got done with some long over-due maintenance work
What could have been better
  • All the cracks that were repaired now have visible 'patches' where the paint doesn't match exactly. To be perfect, I'd need to totally repaint the first floor
  • House maintenance is never-ending..   This is something I really would prefer not spending my time doing or even coordinating, and, of course, it's very expensive, but... it's part of being a home-owner.

And now, I'm up in Keystone, enjoying a girlfriend getaway at a beautiful condo doing some healthy mental health maintenance!

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Anonymous said...

Maintenance is a very good thing, especially when performing it on oneself!
(OK, the w Dow sills look good too!)