Saturday, May 25, 2019

Week 21: Learn a Choreographed Dance

I love to dance! One of my favorite dance experiences was to be in this Flash Mob in 2011. Unfortunately, I'm nowhere to be found in that video. I didn't come in until the last section at the end (for the least experienced dancers), but, believe me, I'm there!

I had hoped that one day I might be as talented as those first dancers and learn to do aerials, but let's face it, that's not going to happen. The truth is, as much as I love to dance, I'm terrible at gymnastics.. so, yeah, I'll just stick to solid ground.

Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities for dancing, even for unskilled dancers such as myself! I have been really loving Zumba, especially after I've gotten to know the moves.  Moving in sync with a group to a fast, upbeat song is so energizing! It's one of the best ways to get me in a happy mood!

This goal from my list is pretty easy for me to do on my own except choreographed dances really only look good if you're doing them with a group. I wanted to do this with my family but have had a hard time convincing anyone to do it with me.  Even my daughter, who typically will humor me with whatever crazy idea I come up with, was not up for a family dance video.  The only ones who I could convince were my grandkids.

I took the opportunity this weekend to learn and video a dance with them.  It is not great, and if it were up to me, we would practice a bit more and get it much better, but I was at risk for even them bailing on me, so.. I'll take it!

What worked well:

  • Fun, easy dance!
  • Kids enjoyed the song and I liked getting to introduce them to the music from Grease. 
  • Fun activity to do on this traditional "weekend with Grandma" visit
  • Even though Diego doesn't like to dance, he was willing to do this with us
  • Easy coordinated costume (all black)
What could have been better:
  • Obviously, we didn't practice enough to have this look very synchronized.
  • Wish I could have done something with my whole family

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Anonymous said...

"even for unskilled dancers such as myself"

If those words describe you, than I am not quite sure the English language has words that describe my dancing abilities (or, lack thereof!)