Saturday, June 01, 2019

Week 22: Bolder Boulder

This week's goal was #3 from my list:

Participate and dress up in at least one fun race like the Bolder Boulder

Bolder Boulder is a big tradition for me. This was my 21rst consecutive year of participating in this 10K and I love it for many reasons. It signifies the start of summer (my favorite season!), it's a great way to remember my brother (a runner who served in the Air Force and died on Memorial Day), and.. it's just a fun party!

I love that  people dress up, that there are bands, music, and people on the sidelines doing crazy thing like giving out shots of tequila or belly dancing or squirting all the runners with water guns.  I love the beautiful scenery as we run through the streets of Boulder and every year I think: "I am SO lucky to be able to experience this!"

But I admit, this year I had a touch of melancholy, too. I have back problems and had been told by doctors to give up running a couple of years ago. Of course, in my naive I-can-overcome-anything way, I had hoped that if I built up my core, ate better, and built some muscle, maybe the doctors would give me the thumbs up to run again.  But, no..  Still too much risk of a fracture due to my curvy spine.

OK, so I couldn't run. That was disappointing. But, when there was a group on the sidelines that said they'd drink for push-ups, I was easily able to crank some out! (Something tells me the drinkers were paying no attention and were not impressed, but, hey, I was proud.)

Another cool thing? When the Bolder Boulder Marketing email to remind everyone to sign up was sent out, the picture that was used was one with me, my two sons, and daughter-in-law from last year:

Now that made me feel awesome! I may have a bad back, but we were the frickin' poster people for the Bolder Boulder!

This year, none of my family went with me (probably another thing that kind of bummed me out), but I was happy to be able to walk with a new friend, Mary, who just moved to Boulder. Here we are posing with a dino. (I have an immediate bond with anyone who will hug a dino with me.)

Even though rain was in the forecast (and you can see, I was prepared with my umbrella hat), the weather held up and the end-of-race festivities and skydivers were all able to take place with the background of patriotic songs, honors and military anthems in Folsom field.

The music and the tributes always move me and remind me that there are heroes out there and people who have made such big sacrifices for the safety of our country. Thinking about them reminds me that my back problems are nothing in comparison.

What worked well

  • Weather held up!
  • Love this tradition that I've been able to participate in every year for 21 years.
  • Love honoring my brother and all those who served in the military, especially those who gave their lives.
  • Love the colorful shoes and clothes and all the costumes and creativity.
  • Love the bands, dancing, and sideline parties.
  • So grateful that I'm still healthy enough to be able to participate.
  • Fun that I got to know a new friend.
  • Exciting that my family was the "Face" of Bolder Boulder in the reminder email that went out.
  • Nice that I was strong enough to easily crank out the push-ups so that those sideline people could drink.

What could have been better


Anonymous said...

Very impressed by, not just the amount of pushups you cranked out, but your form!
However....and I can't put my finger on it....there was something weird about you doing pushups in that outfit...but then again, I think the overall theme of the BB is bring on your "weird."


Michele Hebrank said...

EIGHT freakin' push-ups? GEEZ...... I guess I'd better get off the couch!!

Eliza Eats said...

Thanks for wrriting this